Eyman Buckaroo Longhorn Ranch has switched to Hired Hand

by Molly Clubb | Mar 25, 2013

We're proud to announce that Eyman Buckaroo Ranch has switched to using Hired Hand Software to power their Texas Longhorn website.

Visit the Eyman's new website at

"The Eyman Buckaroo Longhorn Ranch is located in Burnet County only a couple miles as the birds fly from the Colorado River. Like a lot of the historical ranch lands in this part of Texas, the soils were worn, the prickly pear and mesquite abundant and most of the native plants overrun or gone. But the rolling hills of the Hill Country, the potential for returning soil life, and the urge to see four-legged creatures roaming more native pastures has overtaken the obvious obstacles. It wasn’t always quite like that, particularly when we bought the place. We were just a retired couple looking for a little piece of heaven in Texas from which to watch the sunsets. But after researching what special kind of four-legged creature might fit in, we concluded what else but the Texas Longhorn. The Longhorn provides an opportunity for

1) cattle with a long history within Texas,

2) participating in preserving and promoting the breed for other’s enjoyment,

3) providing herd stock for other new breeders displaying genuine genetics, long horn, color and conformation, as well as

4) providing a high quality, heart-healthy beef product.

We continue with yearly restoration projects with our land cleared manually of most mesquite and cactus and despite a couple failed attempts of planting Bermuda pastures under heavy drought conditions. For now we focus on replenishing the native grass species since they are more drought tolerant. Along with some occasional seeding, we're continuing our soils rebuilding project with Sustainable Growth Texas with the goal of getting a better base for native grasses and plants together with some improved pastures, too. We would like all of our cattle to at least get their start on our ranch as pasture raised under as natural as possible conditions.
Since we’re a small property (and after all we're retired), our approach is to focus on obtaining and maintaining a small genetically superior foundation cow herd and breeding them using superior sires naturally or through AI from leading breeders. Our objective is to out produce for horn, but not at the full expense of color or conformation. Check out our foundation cows and their current breeding sires along with our heifers and calf crop on our other web site pages.

And don't forget to enjoy those Texas sunsets along the way"

For more information on how you can use Hired Hand Software for your website contact Molly or Jaymie today or visit

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