Texas Longhorns in Iowa on the DK Longhorn Ranch

by Molly Clubb | Mar 22, 2013

That's right, first Canada, now Iowa. Hired Hand's Molly Clubb knows that Longhorns in Iowa are nothing new, having grown up raising and showing these majestic creatures, but, our Blog readers may be surprised to read about just how spread out Longhorns breeding programs are across the United States.

Check out this breeder map for a general idea of just some of the Texas Longhorn breeding programs across the US:

Today's Blog post focuses on DK Longhorn Ranch located in our very own state of Iowa. Renee, with DK Longhorns had visited with Molly at the 2012 TLBAA Horn Showcase, where their cow, Loofa Palooza, was competing. "Loofa" is Tempter x Boloof breeding and Renee couldn't be more proud of her. Renee finally decided to jump on board with Hired Hand a few months later in the peak of the wonderful Iowa winter.

"With a desire to own a few Longhorns for admiration, we purchased our first three bred cows and a flashy two year old bull named Premier Credentials (a Wyoming Warpaint son) in 2010," Renee told Molly. "Since 2010 we have added a few foundation cows, calved a few and our Texas Longhorn herd is growing. We continuely are improving the genetics of our herd. We are very selective in our pedigrees, color patterns, comformation, dispostions, and hopefully with the right matings our horns will continue to grow. We strive to raise exceptional longhorns with the complete package!"

Hired Hand Software along with Darwyn and Renee Klarenbeek encourage you to enjoy browsing their new website. Feel free to contact them anytime for sales or just to talk Longhorns!

Renee also asks you to "Please check back often, as we are updating the website with current pictures, and our 2013 calves...hopefully without snow in the background soon!"

For more information on Hired Hand Software please visit today.

To view the website for DK Longhorn Ranch visit

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