First ever Website for The Whitetail Guide is now live!

by Molly Clubb | Feb 05, 2013

We're proud to announce that another Hired Hand website has gone live, this time for a company in the Whitetail Deer Industry. is now live!

This website works to promote The Whitetail Guide. The Whitetail Guide is a hard cover, glossy, full color, 8 ½" X 11" book. It is released annually each winter with many of that year's top Sires included. Every Buck has a color picture with pedigree, SCI scores, date of birth, and the owner's name/contact information. All of the farms listed are in alphabetical order and included is a full buck index from every animal listed since the first volume, making it very convenient to search for a particular Buck.

In volume 5 The Whitetail Guide started publishing "Auction Results". Each lot in each auction gives a short description of the animal/semen consigned, owner's name, and the price it sold for. This allows you, as a deer farmer to make educated decisions regarding buying/selling these valuable animals.

The Whitetail Guide book was created out of a love and respect for one of God's most beautiful species of animals - the Whitetail deer. In 2004, while attending a deer show and auction, the seed idea for this book came to its owners. One could be involved with raising deer for a long time, but the first experience at a deer sale can be overwhelming. While listening to all of the information about deer; their qualities and their breeding, it became obvious that with so much to learn, a resource that documented the deer and their pedigrees would be a tremendous aid.

Another valuable benefit The Whitetail Guide offers is that of a historical perspective. During the year of 2005 when the first Whitetail Guide was being assembled, events permanently marked the pages of history within the industry. 2005 saw the death of two record setting Bucks and the "coming out" of a third; RDM Goliath, possibly the largest racked Buck to have ever lived. Eclipse, a 272" two year old, succumbed to Pneumonia shortly after setting the industry on its ear and a third Buck, Reno, had taken the stage as the largest yearling!2006, Volume 2 states that "these are exciting times for the Whitetail deer farmer. More than a trillion dollars are spent each year in private breeding, raising and hunting Whitetail Deer."

2007, Volume 3 talks about the birth of Max in 1999 and his death in 2006; how he has shown himself to be arguably, the most prolific breeder Buck that Whitetail farmers have ever known.

2008, Volume 4 has a full page dedicated to the memory of High Roller's birth in 1999 and his subsequent death. He was produced as the result of a $75 Buck and a $100 Doe. High Roller amassed an aggregate total of 2,477 inches of antler during his lifetime, averaging out to 309" per year. With Volumes 5, 6, 7 and 8 raising the bar even higher,
The Whitetail Guide started listing various auctions and their results. Imagine the value of that information in just a short couple of years!

Check them out today!

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