Hired Hand Website Tip: Showcasing Offspring

by Molly Clubb | Oct 05, 2012

Do you have an outstanding Longhorn (or a few) whose production power you'd like to maximize on your Hired Hand website?

Those visitors who have spent time on Hired Hand websites know that if they find an animal they'd like to learn more about they can simply click the "progeny" tab to see that animals production power. Progeny are automatically displayed in this section saving valuable time for the site administrator. The site admin can also prevent animals from showing if they have sold them or feel they're not a good representation of what that cow or bull typically produces. But what if you want to show off an animals progeny and offspring more?

Check out this great idea for getting the most from the Progeny Power that Hired Hand has to offer that is currently being used by G&G Longhorns and Craft Ranches to promote the Sittin Bull Syndication.

When you visit their websites and click on "Sittin Bull Synidcation" you are not only presented with helpful information on the sire they are promoting but you are quickly and easily able to see the offspring produced by the sire that they are individually promoting on their websites.

So how did they accomplish this? It's easy! Just follow the steps below to add this feature to your own website.

1. Create your page on which to feature the offspring (you can also add this feature to any exisiting page)

2. Add a Search Results Module to the page

3. Edit the Search Results Module to display the fields you wish for website visitors to see.

4. In the Search Results Module complete the field SIRE (or Dam) with the name of the sire (or Dam) of the offspring you wish to show

5. Be sure to fill in your SEO keywords so that you page is optimized for the web correctly!

6. Save your page

7. Publish your page

It's that simple!

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance with your Hired Hand website you can utilize our Help feature (see below) that's on every page in the Admin section or contact Jaymie or I for assistance. We also encourage you to share what's working well on your Hired Hand powered site with us. Give us a call, shoot us an email or text or comment on our Blog and we'll use your success stories in upcoming posts and marketing efforts. Have a wonderful weekend and let us know if you found this post helpful or put this idea to work for you - we'd love to hear from you!

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