How to read your Google Analytic report

by Jaymie Feldmann | Mar 08, 2011

Some of you have asked...what's a bounce rate, how do I tell which pages are most frequently visited or can I tell who visited my site.

Google Analytics can't tell who vistited your site but they can tell you how visitors entered your site, the average amount of time they spent looking at your pages and their general location.

Traffic Source Overview

Each of the 3 options listed in the image below show you how visitors entered your site.

  • Referring Site- Visitors arrived by clicking on a link to your site from another source such as a fellow breeders website, Facebook, blog or email
  • Search Engines- Visitors arrived by searching for your ranch name, individual name, animal name and other keywords on Search Engines(Google, Yahoo, Bing...)
  • Direct Traffic- Visitors arrived by typing in your URL/Domain name into the web browser(Internet Explorer, Firefox...)

Average Time on Site

The "Average Time on Site" will give you an average overall time the visitor spent on your site.  It will also break down the average time for each day.  You may notice a spike in visits/time on your website if you recently placed an ad in a magazine, attended a sale, posted to Facebook or sent out an e-blast.

Map Overlay

The "Map Overlay" will tell you a general location for each visitor.  You can view this by Country, State and City.  Google Analytics will also tell you what day and how long the visitor was on your site from your selected area.


Bounce Rate

The "Bounce Rate" is the percentage of single page visits or visits in which the visitor left your website from the page they arrived on.  Be sure your Home page is well designed with current information.  The number of pages on your site will also determine your bounce rate, the fewer the pages the higher the bounce rate.  This doesn't mean you need to create more pages it just means you may have a higher bounce rate.  Visitors may also have certain pages bookmarked on your site as well which will lead to a higher bounce rate if they only visit the bookedmarked page. 

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