Sale Season Part IV

by Molly Clubb | Feb 16, 2011

Follow Up

Once the sale is over, you should still be working to keep gears turning about your consignment and breeding program. If you are able to invest some of your profit into advertising after the sale, you should find that you continue to see a greater ROI on future quality consignments over time and that your breeding program will continue to reap the benefits. Here are some creative ways to approach post-sale advertising:

Stacey Taylor Thank You

Place an Ad

Place an ad in a publication thanking the buyer of your animal. Don’t be afraid to feature a photo of yourself and the new owner. Feel free to remind readers you still have offspring of or cows bred to that animal for sale through your program. If you sent an e-blast prior to the sale why not send one with the results of how your consignments did at the sale as well? Again, use this opportunity to remind people of any opportunities to purchase similar animals from your program and direct them to your Web site.

Update Your Site

Update your Web site with sale results. Consider linking to the new owners’ site and asking them to add a link from their site to yours.

Send a thank you!

Better yet, send your previously owned animal a Birthday Card each year. It’s creative, gets a good laugh, and you might be surprised how many more sales or inquiries it may get you!

Ask For Referrals

If your consignment sold to a new breeder, don’t be afraid to ask for a few referrals. Chances are they know several other new breeders who are also looking for similar animals.Take this opportunity to increase your network and possibly your sales volume.

Are Your Gears Turning?

Hopefully by now, your internal gears are turning. As large, small, experienced and new breeders alike many of this information is considered “common sense.” However, we’re all guilty of being too busy for our own good so consider this your friendly reminder that sometimes it takes a little extra work to get the most out of consigning an animal to a sale.

Portions of this blog were taken from an article by Molly that appeared in the March Edition of the 2009 Texas Longhorn Journal.

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