Gearing Up For Sale Season

by Molly Clubb | Jan 26, 2011

Just as various size gears combine to create mechanical advantages, so should your marketing efforts in relation to your sale consignments. Let’s talk about some small gears you can start turning to your advantage first.

Gearing Up For Sale Season graphic

Show How Picture Perfect Your Longhorn Can Be:
Be sure that when you submit photos of your Longhorn for sale catalogs they best represent the animal. Although it may be tempting to send in an old photo, you should always try to capture the newest, most flattering photo that you can. If the animal is not going to be cut out from its background or the photo is not going to be retouched, you should also strive to ensure that it was taken on an appealing background that does not distract from the animal, specifically its horns. Although a photo may look good on your screen when it is shrunk down to a 2x3” or smaller format, much of the original detail is lost.

Submitting an exceptional photo of your consignment may also lead to your animal being featured in any advertising that the sale host develops thus adding additional ROI to your consignment fees.

Make Your Comments Do the Selling for You!
We’ve all been guilty of being long-winded but try to refrain from doing so in your comments. Properly written comments should start potential buyers’ gears turning!

Make sure your narrative is compelling and could sell the animal on its own.

If the sale catalog is going to feature both breeding information and comments, it is not necessary to repeat the information twice.

If a full pedigree is shown, it is also not necessary to discuss the pedigree in the comments.

One subject related to comments that gears tend to grind on is the listing of Web sites and phone numbers. Some experts suggest that if the information is listed in the consignors pages it is not necessary to duplicate it in the comments, while others would suggest that repetition is best.

1st Gear: Preperation & Promotion
Once you have gotten the gears turning by consigning your animal(s) to a sale and completed all of the necessary paperwork, photo submission, etc., you’re ready to start some promotions of your own. We'll share some easy and affordable options to promote your consignment and increase your overall selling price.

Portions of this blog were taken from an article by Molly that appeared in the March Edition of the 2009 Texas Longhorn Journal.


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