SEO Tip #3:

by Jaymie Feldmann | Jan 24, 2011

Add Links on Your Site

Another way to help your site's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to add links on your site.  Not only do you want to provide links to pages on your site but you also want to link out to other sites.

Why should I link out to other sites?

  1. It could help you establish relationships.  Google Analytics shows where traffic is coming from.  I'm sure fellow breeders will be appreciative when they see that you directed # visitors to their site.
  2. Linking to sites that are similar to yours will help your site's search engine ranking and its perceived credibility.

When should I use links?

  1. When you mention an animal by name.  Link to that animal's detail page on your site.  If the animal is not "Active" on your site then link to animal's page on the owner's site. 
    See how we set up the links on the "Longhorn of the Month"
  2. When you mention a fellow longhorn breeder.  Add a link to the breeder's site. 
  3. When you reference an organization.  Everyone we have worked with is a member of one or more organizations.  Mention the organizations by name and provide links to their website. 
  4. When you mention a page on your websiteAlways add links when you do this.  It helps visitors navigate more quickly through the site.

Additional linking recommendations

  1. Avoid "Click here" links.  List keywords in the link text.  Not many people will be searching for "Click here".  You want links to be descriptive.
  2. Avoid adding too many links.  Add links where it makes sense.  Don't just add a bunch of links to sites that are not related to your site. 
  3. Be sure to open outbound (external) links in a new window.  This will allow the user to go to the other site and easily be able to get back to your site when they are done.

If you have any questions regarding how to add links to your Hired Hand website please email or give me a call.

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