Bear’s Tip #2: Be Innovative!

by Molly Clubb | Jan 19, 2011

Another key contributor to having a top notch website is to be innovative.  There are multiple sites out there that are at the top of their respective industries (I’m talking other markets i.e., vehicles, electronics, books, etc.).  Build ideas off of what seems to be working for them and create your own identity. 

One thing we do at G&G Longhorns is a Cowboy’s Journal.  It’s a weekly Blog-like page that is dated.  It goes over the happenings on our ranch.  It sets us apart from other peers and keeps visitors coming back to see what’s new and read more.

Other Innovative ideas to make your website stand apart in the breed (suggested by Hired Hand):

  • Opinions and advice can be essential to improving your site. Consider having a Q&A page for your site where new breeders can submit questions that  you, an experienced breeder, can answer. People will start to refer to your page and Ranch for advice and you’ll gain the trust of new customers. It also puts a value on your own opinions and sagely advice at long last!
  • Don’t be afraid to share your breeding philosophy. Getting other breeders to buy into your breeding could lead to more sales. People love to learn what works and what didn’t work for you over the years. Let others learn from your mistakes.
  • Host a contest or make a new “game.” Have an old magazine issue or an antique photo of a foundation Longhorn? Why not post it to your site and ask people to guess who it is or for feedback on his/her lineage? Getting people to interact with your site is key!

Just think at what a loss some of us would be at without Craig’s "Gallery of Horns" or the Dalgood Horn Measurement/Prediction tool! Come up with your unique idea today and put it to work for your website!

Bear Davidson

Ranch Manager, G&G Longhorns

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