SEO Tip #1: Importance of the Page Title

by Jaymie Feldmann | Jan 09, 2011

The Hired Hand team met this past Friday to discuss the upcoming year.  One of our primary goals for 2011 is to help the Hired Hand community use the system to its fullest potential and increase traffic to their websites.  In an effort to do this we are going to be posting ideas, tools, tips and reminders each week.  We hope you find this information helpful.

First tip of 2011

The first tip is a common issue on many web pages, the text used in the page title. 

What is the page title and how do I update it?

The page title is the text you see at the top of the browser window. The page title is one of the most important pieces of information search engines use when indexing your site.  Early last year we wrote and entry about SEO fields within Hired Hand.

It is also the text used when the page is listed on a search engine results page (See image). 

Screen shot of how the page title is displayed in search results.

To update the title you need to first select the page you want to update.  This will take you to the "Page Layout" page.  Next, click on the "Edit Page Properties" link.    Now you can update the Page Title.  Below is a screen shot that shows the field to update.  Once you have set the title, save and publish your page.

Screen shot of Page Title in the Hired Hand Management System

What should I put in the page title and why is it important?

It is important for the page title to be descriptive and contain the keywords that people are searching for.  If people are likely to search by your ranch name then be sure to include that in your page title.  If people are likely to search on your family name then include that in the page title.  Don't forget to include "Longhorns" somewhere in the page title.  It is important for the search engines to know that longhorns are on the site.  And NEVER use the same page title on multiple pages.  Search engines hate that and your rankings will suffer because of it.

So login and update those page titles.  Otherwise I just might call and give you a friendly reminderSmile

If you have any additional questions feel free to email or give me a call.

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