Longhorn of the Month: DBR Trail Blazer

by Molly Clubb | Nov 01, 2010

Each month Hired Hand will choose a longhorn from the system to showcase. This month, we've chosen the bull that ranks second in our system for # of hits that is not a reference animal. He ranks second only to Sittin Bull who was our featured animal last month. DBR Trail Blazer received 12,966 hits and is owned and administrated by Kay Roush, A Splash of Color Longhorns.

A little about "Blaze" from owner, Kay Roush:
"We purchased him in late September of 2008 as a virgin bull even though I had enough bulls, I just couldn't pass him up when I saw he was for sale. I've always loved the looks of his sire, Kobra and 'Blaze', as we call him, is not only pleasing to look at but easy to work and is a stay at home kind of bull. We put him on some of our cows in 2009 and his first calf crop is on the ground and we're very pleased with what he's done. His calves have early horn growth, wonderful conformation and he's producing a nice variety of colors. 

DBR Trail Blazer
Owned by: A Splash of Color Longhorns
Bred by: Hudson Longhorns
# of hits in Hired Hand system:12,966

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