April Longhorn of the Month: Starlight

by Molly Clubb | Apr 08, 2010

Each month Hired Hand will choose a longhorn from the system to showcase.  This month we showcase, Starlight (Deigo's Hot Shot x Starlight's Celebration), owned by Dr. Zech Dameron III, of Clear Creek Pecan Plantation Texas Longhorns

Interesting Statistics

  • Over 400 hits to her Animal Details page
  • She ranks in the top 20 most visited animals in the system.   Dr. Dameron has a page dedicated specifically to Starlight on his website.
  • She ranks second in the system for cows with the most offspring.  DOHERTY 698 has 18 in the system and Startlight has 14.
  • Her pedigree included 59% WR, 22% Phillips & 19% Butler (source: 2008 Texas Longhorn Journal)
  • By age 4.5 Starlight was the longest horned female recorded (in 2008) (source: 2008 Texas Longhorn Journal)
  • First longhorn to be cloned

Famous Bulls from Starlight

Famous Heifers from Starlight

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