Longhorn Breeders Should Be Flipping For the Flip!

by Molly Clubb | Mar 30, 2010

Longhorn Breeders Should Be Flipping For the Flip!

By: Molly Clubb

Product Review: Flip Camcorder, Ultra HD (120 min.)

Cost: $199

Product Description (courtesy of The Flip UltraHD camcorder combines Flip Video's signature shoot-and-share simplicity with the power of vivid, vibrant HD video. With 120 minutes of record time, you'll never miss another minute again. And because of UltraHD's pocket-sized portability, you'll truly be able to capture HD video anytime, anywhere.

Why this product is great for Longhorn Breeders:

Although using video to show off and ultimately sell your Longhorns on the Internet is gaining popularity this camcorders’ secret weapon is the ability to take any still shot from its video recording.

As Roger Hutton, a Flip user, states, “You are going to ‘flip’ over how easy it is to get the perfect picture of your Longhorns using the Flip camcorder. No more spending hours in the pasture trying to catch the right pose. No more waving your arms, hat or handkerchief. Just shoot a short video with your Flip, go to your computer and plug in the Flip USB. You can then select the perfect still frame from the footage you shot and upload it to your website, email it for an ad, send it into the sale catalog, etc. You’ll be amazed at how great your animals look and there’s no messing with photo editing or worrying that your photo is the right resolution – the Flip makes it so easy!”

If you’re a seasoned pro at getting your cattle to pose for you then you will also appreciate the Flip Camcorder for its video. This pocket-sized camcorder is easy to take with you to the pasture, show arena or sale ring. Its fast lens is ideal for low or bright light results that can often be found in cattle facilities and it features a 2x digital zoom.

Perhaps the best reason this product is ideal for Longhorn Breeders or those that may be technologically challenged is that it’s simple to use…really! The Flip starts recording with the touch of a button (within 3 seconds) ensuring you don’t miss your perfect shot or opportunity to capture your Longhorn. The design of the Flip is sleek and part of what makes it easy to operate is that the only buttons it contains are the large red record button (in the center), power, volume/zoom, fast forward/rewind and delete. There is also a jack to plug the Flip into the TV if you so wish.

There’s no complicated editing software. Instead, the Flip as a convenient flip-out USB arm that plugs directly into your TV, PC or Mac and launches the pre-loaded Flip software. Once the camcorder is plugged in your can instantly upload to Facebook TM, YouTube TM and other video sharing sites or select your still photos as mentioned above. Either option takes only minutes and is proven as very easy to do.

Jim Hix of J Bar H Longhorn Ranch has been using some version of the Flip for the past few years. “I take a video of each calf, as close to birthing as possible. This way I have the time and date recorded on video. The Flip time and date stamps all videos. I also take periodic videos of the cattle as they grow, again time stamped. I have uploaded several videos on YouTube. I also use the videos on my website! The videos are excellent for emailing to potential Longhorn buyers because it gives them a better perspective of the animal (from every angle) and it's size. I think the best thing about a Flip Camcorder is that it is VERY, VERY user friendly,” says Hix.

Product Highlights:

  • First introduced in 2007
  • Can be customized with your logo, brand or even a photo of your favorite Longhorns
  • On-line support system

How can it help better market your Longhorns?

Aside from viewing an animal in person a photo or video is the best way to spark interest in your cattle and find potential sale leads.

Still photos taken from the Flip can be used in printed ads, sale catalogs (which we all know are hard to get photos for, especially when we wait until the last minute), on posters and other promotional materials at events and so forth.

Flip video can be used to create a nice slide show for your booth at events. Many breeders have been mailing DVDs of their pastures across the country for years in order to allow people to better see what they’re raising and selling.

Both the still photos and the video captured by the Flip Camcorder can be uploaded to the Internet on your website or social media sites. The files can also be emailed to other breeders.

Overall, the Flip Camcorder would seem to be an excellent addition to your marketing arsenal for your Longhorn herd.

Where to Buy: or visit for a list of retailers near you.

Molly Clubb is the owner of Hired Hand Software. Her background includes raising and showing Texas Longhorns. Email

This article originally appeared in the March 2010 Texas Longhorn Journal.

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