Red McCombs Launches New Website Utilizing Hired Hand Software

by Molly Clubb | Feb 02, 2010

Photo Courtesy of Texas Longhorn Journal

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Texas businessman B.J. "Red" McCombs is pleased to announce the launch of his new website featuring his Texas Longhorn cattle: This site is meant to be a tool for interested parties to learn about McCombs' Texas Longhorns. Site visitors will have access to magazine articles on McCombs' cattle, as well as information about the cattle selected for the annual Texas Longhorn sale in May.

Red McCombs is a Texas legend, famous for his multi-million dollar business deals, his ownership of NBA and NFL teams, his philanthropic efforts, and his Texas Longhorn cattle. For over 30 years this San Antonio businessman and civic leader has been at the forefront in promoting the breed that saved the state of Texas financially after the Civil War and today is seen as a unique symbol of Texas’ ranching heritage.

McCombs' longtime fascination with this breed is a tribute both to the cattle and to his ability to turn a hobby into a highly lucrative business venture.. Over the years, McCombs has promoted his cattle with highly profitable sales, ballroom galas, syndication of bulls, and the use of cutting edge embryo transfer technology. These promotions leveraged by McCombs are also used to educate people all over the country about the Longhorn breed and the cattle market.

With the launch of his redesigned website for his ranch, McCombs partnered with Hired Hand Software, an Iowa based company. Hired Hand Software serves Longhorn Breeders across the nation and allows them to maintain their custom designed sites on their own. Users are given access to interactive pedigrees, while offspring and breeding portions of the site complete themselves. To date there are over 20,000 Registered Longhorns on Hired Hand in addition to whitetail deer, various breeds of horses, zebus, tractors and other agricultural items.

Alan Sparger, McCombs Herd Consultant and recipient of the 2009 Longhorn Spirit Award states "Hired Hand's Animal Marketing System is revolutionizing the way that breeders can market their cattle on the internet."

Hired Hand Software was founded by Longhorn enthusiast and former breeder, Molly Clubb, owner of Mo Co. Creative Services in partnership with Far Reach Technologies.

Check out today to learn more about McCombs, Texas Longhorns and their bloodlines, upcoming sales, and insight into the role of the Longhorn in Texas’ history and Texas’ future. Visit to learn more about Hired Hand Software and how you can market your cattle better on the internet.

Contact Information:
Red McCombs Ranches
Alan Sparger, Herd Consultant
Phone: (210) 445-8798
Email: McCombs Longhorns

Hired Hand Software
Molly Clubb
Phone: (319)269-8903

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