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by Molly Clubb | Feb 01, 2010

We have an advantage in today’s world.  Technology has made certain things possible that some would have never dreamed  Cell phones, internet, email has pulled us all closer as a society.  This same technology has made it possible for a family in Virginia to become one of the leading flagships in the Texas Longhorn industry.  All it takes is a quick look through a breeder directory to realize that 90% of the Longhorn market is located in the south west region of the United States of Texas and Oklahoma and being located in Virginia, an hour from Washington D.C. makes it tough to market cattle; no matter how great the animals are.  Really, the only way to market your animals to a mass population was through the TLBAA’s Trails Magazine, the ITLA’s Drover, and more recently the TLMA’s Journal.  However, in the last couple years we have had an advantage.  That is our website,  Breeders spend a lot of money on monthly ads in these magazines and it is really a great way to catch a consumer’s attention.  But with today’s internet world and all the browsing that happens, a website stands KING for the opportunity to touch everyone out there, people who are and aren’t members of our fabulous breed!

This website has allowed us to open our entire herd (not just the few we advertise on the pages of magazines) to everyone form the comfort of your own home, in your underwear, drinking a beer, doing whatever.  A person can literally check out each and every one of our animals, breeding history, measurements, up coming sale cattle, and bulls.  Because of the applications Hired Hands offers you can ever cross reference other animals and look at any certain animal’s progeny too!  It’s the ease that makes the hired hands sites so effective

From a user’s standpoint I am blow away at the ease and quickness of operation.  I’m able to update my animals daily in a matter of minutes whether its pictures, calves, breeding information, or measurements, once I’m logged on all I have to do is type it, save it, and publish it.  The home page even allows me to what is happening on the ranch, or even let everyone know about a certain sale or promotion we’re running. 

One last huge difference that has allowed us to market our animals from such a far is the support staff of Hired Hands.  I’ll be honest; most people involved in this longhorn world are not as computer literate as in other industries.  I think this is why we as an industry have not tapped into the technology like others.  I believe this software is going to allow everyone from the tiny breeder to the flagships across the country to have an equal chance to showcase their stock. 

Bear Davidson

Ranch Manager, G&G Longhorns

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