• Hired Hand Live On-Line Bidding and Sale Broadcasting

    by Molly Clubb | Nov 24, 2014
    It can help your next Texas Longhorn consignment sale or auction! Hired Hand Live was launched in September 2014 at the Panther Creek Dispersal. Since then, we've received wonderful (and helpful) feedback from sale hosts, on-line bidders, buyers and watchers. Below is some of that feedback, photos and some interesting stats regarding how Hired Hand Live has helped the overall auctions its served. If you're a sale host, we'd love to visit with you about how it can help your next sale. Contact Molly today for more information. We're currently booking 2015 dates and beyond.
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  • Several New Hired Hand Powered Websites Are Live

    by Molly Clubb | Nov 23, 2014
    Several new Hired Hand powered websites have gone live in the past few weeks. Have you had the opportunity to check them out yet? We encourage you to take a few moments and visit the links below. If you'd like to convert your current Texas Longhorn, Whitetail Deer or Quarter Horse website over to Hired Hand Software's custom Animal and Content Management System or get started from scratch with a new website, please contact us today. Our friendly and breed-knowledgable sales reps are standing by to help! or 319-269-8903.
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  • Texas Deer Association Annual Convention a Success for Hired Hand and its customers!

    by Molly Clubb | Aug 18, 2014
    Hired Hand Website Software was proud to have a booth at the 16th Annual Texas Deer Association's Annual Convention & Fundraiser, August 7-9, at the JW Marriott in San Antonio.
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  • Gilliland Longhorns & 3rd Day Ranch now have live Hired Hand powered websites!

    by Molly Clubb | Jul 24, 2014
    We're proud to announce that the new Hired Hand powered websites for Gilliland Longhorns and 3rd Day Ranch are now live and ready for viewing.
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  • Facebook User? Tips for Staying Connected

    by Molly Clubb | Jul 21, 2014
    The Longhorn Industry is booming on Facebook. Breeders are connecting, Longhorns are being sold, friendships are being preserved and news is being shared. If you're a breeder who utilizes Facebook for any of these reasons and enjoys seeing posts from other ranches and related business, such as our own, please read this Blog post and follow the steps below.
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  • Winchester Futurity of the North Weekend Re-Cap

    by Molly Clubb | Jun 26, 2014
    Hired Hand was proud to be involved with the Winchester Futurity of the North this weekend. Jaymie worked at the Hired Hand booth, Molly served as a Futurity Judge, and Hired Hand mini's Paige and Calia (our daughters) were also a huge help. Thank you to the Futurity for including us. We hope to see an even bigger and better event in 2015!
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  • Rolling D Ranch, Elite Bulls and MacKay Ranching Are Now Live

    by Molly Clubb | Jun 24, 2014
    We're proud to present several new websites that have gone live and are ready for your viewing. Please take a moment to check out the herds being featured on the following sites:
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  • Please visit Running N Longhorns New Website!

    by Molly Clubb | Jun 20, 2014
    The Hired Hand powered website for Running N Longhorns, Nick & Shiloh Noyes, is now live and ready for viewing.
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  • Millennium Futurity Recap for Hired Hand Websites

    by Molly Clubb | Jun 18, 2014
    Hired Hand's Molly and Jaymie attended the 2014 Texas Longhorn Millennium Futurity and Sale in Glen Rose, Texas from May 16th - 17th. They had a booth to provide customer support and market their website software and services. Below are photos from the weekend as well as a list of Hired Hand customers who had animals sell in the sale portion of the weekend. As always, you can view more photos on our Facebook page and Instagram.
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  • Batterton's Springhill Farm's Hired Hand Website is Live!

    by Molly Clubb | Jun 17, 2014
    The Hired Hand powered website for Batterton's Springhill Farm, owned by W.L. and Suzann Batterton McCoy is now live and ready for viewing. The Batterton McCoy's are fourth generation owners of the Springhill Farm located north of Greensburg, Indiana near the Spring Hill Community. The farm dates back to the first settlers of Indiana in the early 1800's and holds the old Donnell family cemetery. Suzann's Great Grandfather, S.V. Pleak, purchased the farm in 1929.
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  • Are you using Hired Hand's Resources?

    by Molly Clubb | Jun 13, 2014
    Are you aware of all of the free resources that Hired Hand offers to the industries that we serve to encourage knowledge of animals but also promote our customers? Below are a description of the reports featured on our Updates pages. It's a great way to see what information has been updated by Hired Hand customers on their individual websites and great promotion for you, our customers, who update your websites. These reports feature updated measurements, new animals and photos, and more.
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  • Shoot N Star Ranch is now Powered by Hired Hand Website Software

    by Molly Clubb | Jun 12, 2014
    We're proud to announce that the website for Shoot N Star Ranch, David and Kathy Adams, is now powered by Hired Hand Website Software. After having a website for a number of years through a different company Kathy decided to make the change over to Hired Hand due to it's ease of use, ability to easily make updates on her own, and our powerful pedigree and progeny network. We are able to take existing websites and covert them over to Hired Hand. Therefore, the look and feel of their existing site hasn't changed much other than being easier to navigate and the animals displaying in standard Hired Hand format. Website conversions, as we call this process, are an easy and affordable way to get started with Hired Hand Software.
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  • Hired Hand Search Replaces Hired Hand Sale Pen - Important Steps for Customers

    by Molly Clubb | May 30, 2014
    With the launch of Hired Hand Search we have retired the old Hired Hand Sale Pen. Now, any Hired Hand website customer on the Buckaroo or Wrangler Package can show an unlimited number of animals For Sale through Hired Hand Search. The process to ensure your animals for sale is simple. Just follow the two easy steps below (found in the Animal Management section of the Admin Portion of Hired Hand). We also recommend including a sale price and as much updated information (photo, measurement, breeding, etc.) as possible in order to make the decision to buy as easy as possibly on the customer.
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  • Success Stories from Spring Sales: Keeping Your Momentum Going

    by Molly Clubb | May 27, 2014
    On April 25th we shared a blog about Making the Most Out of Sale Weekends. This is a follow up to that blog as well as a supplement to an article called "Making an Extra Marketing Effort" that appears in the June 2014 issue of the Texas Longhorn Journal. Please feel free to contact Molly with any questions, comments or suggestions for future posts. Once again this Spring, I was able to attend most of the Texas Longhorn consignment sales held throughout the nation, representing Hired Hand Website Software. It’s always so nice, after a long winter, to see some of the best samples of this beautiful breed of cattle in addition to all of the breeders who make our Industry so welcoming and successful. One of my favorite parts of the Spring Sale Season is seeing various breeders who have been striving to make a name for their programs for years, or maybe only months, get their break-through in the sale ring. I’m happy to share just a few of this Spring’s success stories in this article. It’s also nice to see that seemingly each of the Spring consignment sales have made a nice niche for themselves in the Industry. Serving various groups of breeders through the caliber of Longhorns the sale encourages; buyers the sale attracts; convenient location; co-hosting with a competition or another event; or the tradition of a good time and good prices is what can allow for a variety of breeders to see success during any given year and sale.
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  • Have you tried Hired Hand SEARCH yet?

    by Molly Clubb | May 12, 2014
    Hired Hand's newest product, Hired Hand Search, has been live for about two weeks now. It's generated some impressive traffic and we're excited to continue tracking it and its trends. Have you had a chance to check it out yet?
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  • Making the Most Out of Sale Weekends

    by Molly Clubb | Apr 25, 2014
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  • Welcome to the Team Taylor Sherwood!

    by Molly Clubb | Apr 09, 2014
    Please join us in welcoming another new sales rep to the Hired Hand team. As of May 2014, Taylor Sherwood will be a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a major in Agricultural Economics and a minor in Agricultural Entrepreneurship. "I am truly thrilled to be working for Hired Hand. I can not imagine a better company to grow with or a better set of customers to work with," Taylor says.
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  • Welcome to the Team Mallory Espenscheid!

    by Molly Clubb | Apr 09, 2014
    We'd like you to help us in welcoming the newest sales person to our team. Mallory Espenscheid is 18 years old and attends college at Black Hawk East in Kewanee, Illinois. Mallory grew up showing and raising purebred Angus cattle on her family's acreage in rural Traer, Iowa and will be specializing on Hired Hand Website sales in the beef cattle industries.
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  • Hired Hand Heads to NADeFA

    by Molly Clubb | Apr 07, 2014
    The NADeFA Conference, held March 21-22 in Alabama, was a busy one for Hired Hand's Jaymie & Mallory. So busy that they only had time to snap a few photos. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth that we weren't able to get photos of including Blue Creek Whitetails, 7 C's Whitetails, Wild Point Whitetails and the Whitetail Guide.
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  • Hudson Valentine Sale goes over $1 Million and Hired Hand Was There!

    by Molly Clubb | Apr 07, 2014
    Hired Hand had a booth to serve current and new customers at the 2014 Hudson Valentine Sale and Southeastern Winchester Futurity, April 4-5th in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and engaged our services to help market their consignments for this one-of-a-kind sale.
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