• Exciting News: Unveiling Our Pedigree Simulator! Create Your Dream Animals Today!

    by Holly Peacock | Sep 27, 2023
    We are announcing a New Feature: Introducing our Pedigree Simulator. A Hired Hand tool that allows you to create a hypothetical calf with the sire and dam pairing of your choosing. The pedigree will automatically fill, showing you the full possible lineage for your little dream calf.
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  • July 2023 TEXAS LONGHORN TRAILS: "Tips for Hosting An Online Only Sale"

    by Holly Peacock | Sep 12, 2023
    An online-only sale refers to a sales event conducted exclusively through a digital platform, like Hired Hand Live, where an individual breeder offers their registered livestock for direct purchase by potential buyers. We discuss the types of online sales, host advantages, pre and post-sale prep, and more.
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  • May 2023 TEXAS LONGHORN TRAILS: "Making the Most of Text Message Marketing"

    by Holly Peacock | Jul 12, 2023
    Text message marketing is a marketing strategy that involves sending promotional messages to customers via text message. It has been growing in popularity among businesses due to its high open rates, increased engagement, and improved customer relationships.
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  • What is GA4?

    by Holly Peacock | Apr 24, 2023
    GA4, or Google Analytics 4, is the latest version of Google's web analytics service. GA4 offers a more modern and flexible approach to web analytics and is recommended for those looking to upgrade their analytics capabilities. If you already have a #HiredHandPowered website, congrats! Your analytics have already been transitioned to GA4.
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  • How to Recognize Website Domain Scams

    by Holly Peacock | Mar 01, 2023
    Domain scams can be difficult to detect, as scammers often use tactics that are designed to look legitimate. However, we have some tips to help you identify a domain scam.
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  • 10 Elements of an Impressive Website Homepage

    by Holly Peacock | Oct 23, 2020
    Read our 10 elements you need to have on your website homepage to create an easy and pleasant experience for your website viewers and to help increase communication with potential customers.
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  • Photography Tips with Big Sky Livestock

    by Holly Peacock | May 14, 2020
    We had the opportunity to interview our #HiredHandCustomer Lindsey Monk with Big Sky Livestock and ask her some questions about her tips and tricks when it comes to photographing her horses and longhorns.
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  • Write Your Story: How To Write A Quality 'About Us'

    by Holly Peacock | May 12, 2020
    There are many reasons why the “About” section is an integral piece of your website. For starters, it works to boost your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and without quality SEO throughout your site, you won’t be easily found on search engines.
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  • 2020 Social Media Trends

    by Holly Peacock | Mar 09, 2020
    Social media is ​always changing, growing, and improving. Not just the content which has daily-changing trends, but also the technology itself. With a new year comes a whole new set of standards for digital marketing and businesses on social media. We've listed a few of the top trends to look out for this year and how to start implementing them into your 2020 social calendar.
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  • 10 Ways We'll Help Your Digital Marketing This Year

    by Holly Peacock | Jan 20, 2020
    In 2020, we'll focus on these 10 topics to help you improve your business, marketing, and internet presence. Curious about any of the topics below? Reach out to info@hiredhandsoftware.com and see how we can help.
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  • 10 Reasons to Buy Longhorns in 2020

    by Holly Peacock | Jan 16, 2020
    Overtime, you will hear people having the discussion "Is the Longhorn industry here to stay?” We're here to let you know, these animals are in it for the long haul. Get it? But seriously, Longhorns have been around since 1493 with the first registry forming in 1963 and we think 2020 and beyond will mark great years for these extraordinary cattle and their breeders.
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  • Instagram Tips & Tricks

    by Holly Peacock | Dec 17, 2019
    Whether you're new to Instagram or not, we have some tricks you probably don't know about. Use these tips to get one step further in expanding your business' online community and improving your social media marketing.
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  • All You Need to Know About Hired Hand Search

    by Holly Peacock | Nov 14, 2019
    Did you know we offer a search function for livestock breeders looking to add new animals to their herds? Hired Hand Search is a FREE tool that we market to people and breeds outside of Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer and Quarter Horses, as a way to generate more traffic to our customers’ websites and introduce new buyers to each of these 3 breeds.
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  • Hired Hand Websites: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

    by Holly Peacock | Nov 04, 2019
    Hired Hand Websites are the most functional and easy-to-update sites that you can have for your livestock breeding program. With over 10 years in business serving dozens of different breeds, we’ve developed the easiest on-boarding system for new customers to get started with their new Hired Hand Website OR convert an existing website over to our platform.
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  • Horn Measurements with The Joe Chute

    by Holly Peacock | Sep 26, 2019
    We had the opportunity to interview our #HiredHandCustomer ​Joe Sedlacek of The Joe Chute & Lazy J Longhorns and ask ​him some questions about ​taking accurate Texas Longhorn horn​ measurements.
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  • Benefits of a Hired Hand Junior Website with Fly'N P Longhorns

    by Holly Peacock | Sep 04, 2019
    We had the opportunity to interview our #HiredHandCustomer Emma Kate of ​Fly'N P Longhorns and ask her some questions about her ​Hired Hand Junior website! Hired Hand Junior is an affordable website option for Longhorn breeders in college​, high school, and younger.
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  • Longhorn Photography with Eitan Barhum

    by Holly Peacock | Aug 19, 2019
    We had the opportunity to interview our #HiredHandCustomer Eitan Barhum of SE Longhorn Ranch and ask ​him some questions about ​his tips and tricks when it comes to photographing Longhorns.
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  • Get the Most Out of Hired Hand Search

    by Holly Peacock | Jul 22, 2019
    We're explaining all the simple updates you can make on your Hired Hand website to make sure your animals for sale are high on the list when anyone looking to breed or grow their herd uses our resource, Hired Hand Search.
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  • Social Media Marketing with Schumacher Cattle

    by Holly Peacock | Jul 17, 2019
    We had the opportunity to interview our #HiredHandCustomer Stacey Schumacher of Schumacher Cattle Company some questions about her social media marketing strategies. Schumacher Cattle, LLC's Facebook page has over 266,000 followers and generates engagement numbers in the hundreds, sometimes thousands, every day.
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  • Spring Sale Checklist [Download]

    by Holly Peacock | Mar 19, 2019
    The Longhorn Spring Sale season can feel like organized chaos at times. That's why now is the perfect time to start preparing before things get too busy.
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