• Exciting News: Unveiling Our Pedigree Simulator! Create Your Dream Animals Today!

    by Holly Peacock | Sep 27, 2023
    We are announcing a New Feature: Introducing our Pedigree Simulator. A Hired Hand tool that allows you to create a hypothetical calf with the sire and dam pairing of your choosing. The pedigree will automatically fill, showing you the full possible lineage for your little dream calf.
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  • Get the Most Out of Hired Hand Search

    by Holly Peacock | Jul 22, 2019
    We're explaining all the simple updates you can make on your Hired Hand website to make sure your animals for sale are high on the list when anyone looking to breed or grow their herd uses our resource, Hired Hand Search.
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  • Adding a Reference Animal to Hired Hand

    by Laura Huff | May 04, 2016
    Filling in your animals' complete pedigrees can encourage visitors to spend more time on your website. Watch this tutorial for instructions on how to add a new Reference Animal, and easily finish out any empty spaces on your pedigrees.
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  • Adding An Animal Picture To Hired Hand

    by Laura Huff | Apr 08, 2016
    Adding a new animal photo to your Hired Hand website is a quick and easy process. Watch this tutorial for instructions on how to add a new image to your website.
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