• 2023 End of Year Report: Hired Hand Live

    by Holly Peacock | Dec 12, 2023
    It's here! Our 2023 End of Year Report for Hired Hand Live is full of useful information for your upcoming sales and for making decisions about your breeding program. Check out our data compiling information from the 2023 sales utilizing Hired Hand Live's auction services including the top sellers of the year.
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  • What is GA4?

    by Holly Peacock | Apr 24, 2023
    GA4, or Google Analytics 4, is the latest version of Google's web analytics service. GA4 offers a more modern and flexible approach to web analytics and is recommended for those looking to upgrade their analytics capabilities. If you already have a #HiredHandPowered website, congrats! Your analytics have already been transitioned to GA4.
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  • How to Recognize Website Domain Scams

    by Holly Peacock | Mar 01, 2023
    Domain scams can be difficult to detect, as scammers often use tactics that are designed to look legitimate. However, we have some tips to help you identify a domain scam.
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  • 2020 Social Media Trends

    by Holly Peacock | Mar 09, 2020
    Social media is ​always changing, growing, and improving. Not just the content which has daily-changing trends, but also the technology itself. With a new year comes a whole new set of standards for digital marketing and businesses on social media. We've listed a few of the top trends to look out for this year and how to start implementing them into your 2020 social calendar.
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  • All You Need to Know About Hired Hand Search

    by Holly Peacock | Nov 14, 2019
    Did you know we offer a search function for livestock breeders looking to add new animals to their herds? Hired Hand Search is a FREE tool that we market to people and breeds outside of Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer and Quarter Horses, as a way to generate more traffic to our customers’ websites and introduce new buyers to each of these 3 breeds.
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  • Now Available! Sorting Progeny

    by Holly Peacock | Nov 07, 2019
    Website visitors and admins spoke and we listened! JUST RELEASED - on every Hired Hand website, each animal’s progeny can now be sorted by Name, Age, or Featured!
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  • Benefits of a Hired Hand Junior Website with Fly'N P Longhorns

    by Holly Peacock | Sep 04, 2019
    We had the opportunity to interview our #HiredHandCustomer Emma Kate of ​Fly'N P Longhorns and ask her some questions about her ​Hired Hand Junior website! Hired Hand Junior is an affordable website option for Longhorn breeders in college​, high school, and younger.
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  • Thanksgiving Themed Animal Names

    by Jessica Weber | Nov 14, 2017
    One of the ways Hired Hand is celebrating Thanksgiving is by compiling the top 10 Thanksgiving themed words found in animal names on our customers websites. View the names of those animals below. Do you have an animal with a Thanksgiving themed name? Let us know! ​
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  • 10 Tips for Leveraging Social Media Surrounding a Big Event

    by Jessica Weber | Sep 26, 2017
    When big news hits your Industry or breed, are you prepared to leverage it? Last weekend at the historic Fort Worth Stockyards a Texas Longhorn bull, Cowboy Tuff Chex, sold for $165,000. While some speculated that he'd bring a half of a million dollars, this sale amount was still a big deal for Longhorn breeders across the nation. ABC News awarded the event national coverage and dozens of other local news sources also put out stories. But how do you, the general Longhorn (or any) breeder, who may not have a $165,000 bull or an $80,000 cow, leverage the national buzz and increase awareness of your breeding program? How could you try to increase your private treaty sales in conjunction with the popularity of the breed under topic? These 10 tips are aimed at helping you make the most of big news by using the social media platforms available to you in conjunction with your Hired Hand powered website.
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  • 2017 Texas Mid Year Blowout Sale Trends, Averages & Internet Influence

    by Molly Clubb | Jun 19, 2017
    27 lots sold on Hired Hand Live for a total of $41,400 for an average of $1533 There were 15 on-line buyers of 27 lots. 22.7% of all bids came from Hired Hand Live 30% of winning bids and 19.5% of total sale value came from Hired Hand Live 75.6% of items were up-bid by Hired Hand Live Lot 47 had the most internet views going into the sale at 257 unique views. She sold for $8,500 which was the 2nd high selling lot. She sold to a live bidder, not the internet. The high selling internet lot was Lot 17 for $3,000 to Mr. Harold Claver
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  • 2017 Fey Longhorn Sale Trends, Averages & Internet Influence

    by Molly Clubb | Jun 13, 2017
    Hired Hand Live Internet Bidding Influence on the Fey Longhorn Sale: 15 lots sold on Hired Hand Live for a total of $31,950 for an average of $2,130 On-line buyers included: Lorinda Valentine, Panther Creek Ranch; Josh & Katelyn Moss, Moss Longhorns; Neil & Deborah Glasgow, Sand Creek Ranch; Ken Webb, Kurtis Gould, Marlene Howard, Sandra West-Moore, 26.9% of all bids came from Hired Hand Live 34.1% of winning bids and 31.1% of total sale value came from Hired Hand Live 79.5% of items were up-bid by Hired Hand Live
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  • 2017 Red River Sale Trends, Averages & Internet Influence

    by Molly Clubb | May 31, 2017
    82 of 91 lots sold for a total of $213,750 with an $2,671 Sold Average and a $2401.69 Consigned Average There were 5 Cash Cows that sold for a total of $58,200 and an average of $11,640 Top 10 lots average: $9.495 Top 25 lots average: $5,698 One over 80” TTT cow sold, Lot 90, $3,500 (the other over 80” TTT cow in the sale, lot 49, was PO’d). 70-79” TTT Cow Average: $2,383
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  • 2017 Cherry Blossom Sale Trends, Averages & Internet Influence

    by User Not Found | Apr 18, 2017
    Since the beginning of 2017 Hired Hand has been compiling additional sales data and sharing it via our Blog and Mobile Marketing program. We plan to continue to share these stats from future consignment sales as well. We hope that they will be beneficial to breeders and show Industry sales trends. We welcome your feedback and requests.
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  • Check Out These New Sites that Launched in January!

    by Molly Clubb | Mar 22, 2017
    As 2017 took off we launched some new websites for Longhorn breeders. Check out these new designs and take moment to learn how each one is unique.
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  • Check Out These New Sites that Launched in December!

    by Molly Clubb | Jan 13, 2017
    As 2016 ended, we released some new websites for Longhorn and Whitetail breeders, along with one business site. Check out these new designs and take a moment to learn about others within your industry.
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  • 2016 Hired Hand Live Year in Review

    by Laura Huff | Dec 27, 2016
    2016 was a successful year for the role of the internet and on-line bidding in Longhorn Consignment Sales. See our stats and other information regarding Hired Hand Live results from the past year.
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  • Enhance Your Visual Appeal with these Apps

    by Laura Huff | Aug 26, 2016
    We take you through a few of our favorite apps for editing videos and images. We also provide an idea of how and when to use these tools in your own marketing plan.
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  • Privacy Settings on Social Media

    by Laura Huff | Jul 14, 2016
    Privacy is always a concern when it comes to the Internet. How much show you share or conceal? We help you weigh your options in this post on social media privacy.
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  • The Latest Hired Hand Software Enhancements

    by Laura Huff | Jun 03, 2016
    We have added new enhancements to Hired Hand powered websites! Check out the latest additions and see examples.
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  • Facebook User? Tips for Staying Connected

    by Molly Clubb | Jul 21, 2014
    The Longhorn Industry is booming on Facebook. Breeders are connecting, Longhorns are being sold, friendships are being preserved and news is being shared. If you're a breeder who utilizes Facebook for any of these reasons and enjoys seeing posts from other ranches and related business, such as our own, please read this Blog post and follow the steps below.
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