• Website Feature: Black Creek Ranch

    by Holly Peacock | Dec 16, 2022
    Black Creek Ranch is located in Copperopolis, California and breeds Texas Longhorn, Mini Highland, and Black Angus cattle on their ranch. Check out their new #HiredHandPowered website.
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  • Freshly Hatched: The 3P Ranch Website is Live

    by Holly Peacock | Oct 21, 2021
    3P Ranch is located in Perryton, Texas and breeds Texas Longhorn and Angus cattle on their ranch. Check out their new #HiredHandPowered website.
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  • Pantera Ranch Website Launch

    by Holly Peacock | Sep 22, 2020
    Pantera Ranch is located in Fort Worth, Texas and breeds Texas Longhorn cattle on their ranch. Check out their new #HiredHandPowered website.
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  • May's Featured Website Designs

    by Holly Peacock | May 27, 2020
    This ​month, we featured ​four #HiredHandPowered websites including the only Longhorn breeder in Massachusetts and an Angus Beef operation in South Dakota. ​View these unique Hired Hand website designs a​nd read​ about how each ​customized their design and user experience to best promote their ​ranch or services.
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  • Pecan Peak Ranch

    by Holly Peacock | May 02, 2019
    Located in Zephyr, Texas, the Pecan Peak Ranch is home to Blue Lacy dogs, Texas Longhorns, and Black Angus cattle.
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  • Feature Sites: February 2019

    by Holly Peacock | Feb 28, 2019
    In February of 2019, we featured five #HiredHandPowered websites including Double H Whitetails, a Sheep and Angus farm in Virginia, two Longhorn ranches, one in Ohio and one in Illinois, and a Mini Longhorn site. Check them all out here!
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  • Rappahannock Farms

    by Holly Peacock | Feb 12, 2019
    Rappahannock Farms is located in Woodville, VA. ​At RPK Farms there are Longhorns, Angus and Sheep. They also sell lumber which you can find more information about on their website.
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  • Long M Ranch

    by Holly Peacock | Jan 23, 2019
    Cindy ​and Robert Manion own and operat​e Long M R​anch in Wills Point, TX. ​The Manions have been raising cattle since 1995.
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  • Arrington Ranch

    by Holly Peacock | Oct 15, 2018
    Arrington Ranch specializes in providing exceptional American Wagyu and Angus Beef raised in the natural, open pastures of Montana. They pride themselves in raising their cattle in a holistic and humane fashion, using farming and grazing practices that allow the cattle to thrive in a natural environment.
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  • Cypress Ranches

    by Holly Peacock | Aug 20, 2018
    Cypress Ranches is made up of Cypress Ridge Whitetails, Cypress Creek Ranch and Lodge Creek Whitetails. ​They have 26 years experience providing the best customer service to the wildlife industry​ and as much as ​they love big bucks and super exotics, ​their main focus is always on ​the customer, vendor, or guest. At Cypress Ranches, ​they take just as much care ​with their relationships as ​they do with ​their herds.
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  • La Roca Range

    by Holly Peacock | Jul 26, 2018
    At La Roca Range, their motto is​ to "Leave A Good Set Of Tracks." By striving to always learn about ​their incredible animals, both deer and ​cattle, ​t​hey are able to raise the finest quality. For deer, this means producing traits of mass, tine length and width. For cattle, they select genetics for the economically important traits recognized by both the registered and commercial cattle industry.
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  • D-R Henry Ranch

    by Holly Peacock | Jul 06, 2018
    At D-R Henry Ranch, they love to experience owning all different kinds of animals and finding love for each of them. ​They have a collection of Angus, bottle fed Holsteins, Registered Longhorn Cattle, a few Quarter horses, and a miniature donkey named Uno.
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