• Website Refresh! Texas Longhorn Heritage Foundation

    by Holly Peacock | Jan 30, 2024
    The Texas Longhorn Heritage Foundation (TLHF) is the Texas Longhorn industry's only independent foundation. The TLHF exists to support worthy causes for breeders in the Longhorn industry. Home to the Mosser Family Memorial Scholarship Fund and expanding in other areas, the TLHF is your trustworthy source for donations to better our great breed. Check out their new #HiredHandPowered website.
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  • Custom Website: Texas Longhorn Foundation

    by Holly Peacock | Jan 22, 2024
    The Texas Longhorn Foundation is located in Fort Worth, Texas and is a charitable and educational foundation that aids in the promotion and preservation of the Texas Longhorn breed. Check out their new #HiredHandPowered website.
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  • February's Featured Website Designs

    by Holly Peacock | Feb 24, 2020
    This ​month, we featured ​four #HiredHandPowered websites showcasing ​​a Highland Cattle auction website, a legacy horse ranch, an Iowa seed business, and an educational nonprofit. Wow! ​View these unique Hired Hand website designs a​nd read​ about how each ​customized their design and user experience to best promote their ​ranch or services.
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  • Big Country Seeds is Now Live!

    by Holly Peacock | Feb 18, 2020
    Big Country Seeds is a seed, turf, fertilizer, and service provider for fields ranging from residential to commercial to athletic. Check out their fully custom design built to meet all the needs of this Iowa business.
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  • 10 Reasons to Buy Longhorns in 2020

    by Holly Peacock | Jan 16, 2020
    Overtime, you will hear people having the discussion "Is the Longhorn industry here to stay?” We're here to let you know, these animals are in it for the long haul. Get it? But seriously, Longhorns have been around since 1493 with the first registry forming in 1963 and we think 2020 and beyond will mark great years for these extraordinary cattle and their breeders.
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