• Featured Website: Wylie Farms

    by Holly Peacock | Feb 16, 2024
    Wylie Farms is located in Muenster, Texas and breeds Miniature Texas Longhorn cattle and French Bulldogs on their farm. Check out their new #HiredHandPowered website.
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  • Twisted T Mini Ranch is Live

    by Holly Peacock | Nov 18, 2021
    Twisted T Mini Ranch is located in Portland, Tennessee and breeds Mini & Midsize Highland and Highpark cattle as well as Poodles & Pyredoodles at their ranch. Check out their new #HiredHandPowered website.
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  • Hershberger Cattle Co. is Live

    by Holly Peacock | Feb 17, 2021
    Hershberger Cattle Co. is located in Holmes County, Ohio and breeds Labrador Retrievers and Texas Longhorn cattle. Check out their new #HiredHandPowered website.
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  • Digital Holiday Backgrounds

    by Holly Peacock | Nov 25, 2019
    We have free digital backgrounds for your phone, tablet, or desktop! We've made special holiday wallpapers to help you celebrate at work or home all month long.
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  • Feature Sites: May 2019

    by Holly Peacock | May 29, 2019
    ​This May, we featured four #HiredHandPowered websites showcasing ​some Tennessee Longhorns, Miniature Longhorns, adorable Lacy puppies, and a new cattle consulting business! Check them all out here.
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  • Pecan Peak Ranch

    by Holly Peacock | May 02, 2019
    Located in Zephyr, Texas, the Pecan Peak Ranch is home to Blue Lacy dogs, Texas Longhorns, and Black Angus cattle.
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  • Feature Sites: April 2019

    by Holly Peacock | Apr 29, 2019
    In April of 2019, we featured five #HiredHandPowered websites showcasing Brittany puppies, an online-only Longhorn Futurity, and three Longhorn ranches from Utah, Michigan, and Missouri! Check them all out here.
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  • Truax Brittanys

    by Holly Peacock | Mar 29, 2019
    Located in Parkersburg, Iowa, the Truax Brittanys farm is home to Brittany dogs.
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  • Beauty and the Beast Stables

    by Holly Peacock | Jun 14, 2018
    "On May 21, 2015, Beauty and the Beast Stables & Longhorns was founded. It has been a lot of work for two first generation ranchers but while we transform the land, the land is also transforming us. While the beauty of our land daily refreshes our heart, the beasts that roam it bring all of our fairy tale like dreams into reality as we see daily progress towards our happily ever after. "
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