• Texas Perfection Land & Cattle Co.

    by Jessica Weber | Aug 23, 2017
    Texas Perfection Land and Longhorn Cattle Company, got its start in 1977 when the Durkin family moved to the little town of Blue, Texas, with seven head of longhorns given to them by a family member. Today, they're located in Jamestown, KY and run a herd of almost 150 head!
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  • Sale Trends: Marquess Arrow Ranch Production Sale 2017

    by Molly Clubb | Aug 23, 2017
    General Stats: 54/69 lots sold for a total of $148,950 Sold Average: $2758.33 Shown Average: $2190.44 Top 5 lots average: $8810 Top 10 lots average: $6210
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  • Sale Trends: Rocky Mountain Select Sale 2017

    by Molly Clubb | Aug 14, 2017
    Stats by Age: 0-2 YO: $2931 3-5 YO: $3051 6-10 YO: $3244 10+ YO: $4087 Top 10 youngest by age average: $2610 Top 10 oldest by age average: $4240
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