• Feature Sites: July 2019

    by Holly Williams | Jul 29, 2019
    This ​July, we featured ​five #HiredHandPowered websites showcasing ​​Texas Longhorn breeders located from Texas up to North Carolina. View these unique website designs a​nd see how each ranch is using their site to promote their herd and breeding programs.
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  • Feature Sites: June 2019

    by Holly Williams | Jun 27, 2019
    ​This ​June, we featured four #HiredHandPowered websites showcasing ​some ​Pennsylvania Longhorns, ​Longhorn skulls and beef, and Boer Goats! Check them all out here.
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  • Feature Sites: May 2019

    by Holly Williams | May 29, 2019
    ​This May, we featured four #HiredHandPowered websites showcasing ​some Tennessee Longhorns, Miniature Longhorns, adorable Lacy puppies, and a new cattle consulting business! Check them all out here.
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  • Feature Sites: April 2019

    by Holly Williams | Apr 29, 2019
    In April of 2019, we featured five #HiredHandPowered websites showcasing Brittany puppies, an online-only Longhorn Futurity, and three Longhorn ranches from Utah, Michigan, and Missouri! Check them all out here.
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  • Feature Sites: March 2019

    by Holly Williams | Mar 27, 2019
    In March of 2019, we featured five #HiredHandPowered websites showcasing Longhorn cattle, Longhorn beef, and Longhorn art all across Texas, Montana and Oklahoma. Check them all out here!
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  • Spring Sale Checklist [Download]

    by Holly Williams | Mar 19, 2019
    The Longhorn Spring Sale season can feel like organized chaos at times. That's why now is the perfect time to start preparing before things get too busy.
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  • Feature Sites: February 2019

    by Holly Williams | Feb 28, 2019
    In February of 2019, we featured five #HiredHandPowered websites including Double H Whitetails, a Sheep and Angus farm in Virginia, two Longhorn ranches, one in Ohio and one in Illinois, and a Mini Longhorn site. Check them all out here!
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  • Double H Whitetails

    by Holly Williams | Feb 12, 2019
    Double H Whitetails, located in Dundee, Ohio, strive for only the best, making integrity and quality genetics their main goals when breeding Whitetails.
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  • Rafter JL Ranch

    by Holly Williams | Dec 26, 2018
    Rafter JL is home to many beautiful Quarter and Paint horses and is located in Albia, Iowa. Rafter JL is owned by Loren & Jodi Meyer, both who have been active in both the Equine and Rodeo Industries.
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  • Bevo: The Most Famous Texas Longhorn Steer

    by Jessica Weber | Sep 20, 2017
    Football season is upon us and we are bringing you some #FunFacts about the University of Texas mascot Bevo. Last fall the University of Texas debuted Bevo XV, the 15th of his name. Bevo XV is a Texas Longhorn Steer and ​Hired Hand proudly serves over 300 Longhorn breeders across the nation. We provide them with websites for their Registered Longhorn herds. Many of our customers have told us that they bought their first Longhorn because they were UT fans and "just had to have one." Some of these fans now have herds over 300 head! Here are some items you may not have known about Bevo XV and Texas Longhorns in general:
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