Gennin Longhorns Hired Hand Website is Ready for Viewing!

by Molly Clubb | Jan 24, 2013

We are proud to announce that the new Hired Hand website for Gennin Longhorns, Madison, Virginia, is now ready for viewing.

Gennin Longhorns is located in the Chimneys and is home to the wonderful Gennin family - headed by George and Laureen - and is also home to their well-known sire, Big Super.

Chimneys is located in Madison, Virginia in the foothills of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, approximately 90 miles southwest of Washington, DC and 35 miles northwest of Charlottesville.

The Gennins have been raising Texas Longhorn cattle for over 10 years and have many of the top blood lines in their herd, although they are now concentrating on crossing Boomerang CP, Hunts Command Respect, and Super Bowl genetics. They are very proud of the offspring of this breeding program and expect to see fantastic results in the near future.

"Visitors are always welcome at Chimneys," said Laureen Gennin, who is also the Chairwoman of the Texas Longhorn Heritage Foundation and a monthly conribtor to the Texas Longhorn Journal with her "Let Me Entertain You" column. "Our herd would love to see you, so please come for a visit."

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