Marketing Intern

You know content is the key to great marketing these days. You understand the important role social media, blogging, and email play in integrated marketing. Hired Hand Software needs your expertise to take our client services to a new level.

As our Marketing Intern, you’ll be responsible for working with our Partners on social media strategy and implementation for Hired Hand and our clients. You’ll create successful email campaigns, manage and contribute to our blog and website, and serve as our resident expert in social media.

Characteristics of a Successful Candidate

  • You are organized, detail oriented, and consistently follow through
  • You are timely and reliable
  • You like the bar set high
  • You are creative
  • You are a quick learner
  • You have a sense of humor
  • You have a relentless drive to learn
  • You are comfortable working independently
  • You have amazingly fantastic writing and communication skills—fantastic enough that you can serve as our social media voice
  • Bonus

  • You have an agricultural or cattle background
  • You understand the impact of social engagement on SEO
  • You have experience monitoring and creating content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and other social media platforms.
  • You have experience with Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and/or SEO
  • You have blogging experience
  • You’ve worked with website content management system
  • You have graphic design skills and are comfortable using Photoshop and other design tools

Estimated Hours Per Week: 10-15

Paid Internship? Yes

Think you’re interested?

  1. Submit a resume to by Noon on Friday, January 2nd.
  1. Wait for our phone call regarding our marketing position. If you’re selected you’ll be instructed on date, time and meeting place for an interview. Good luck!

Customer Service Rep

You’ve heard of customer service representatives and project coordinators but a customer buckaroo, office foreman and project wrangler? That’s right partner! Hired Hand Software is a one-of-a-kind company headquartered in the Cedar Valley serving unique, ranch-based clientele, primarily from Texas and Oklahoma. And we’re looking for that perfect person to join our growing staff. If you’re looking for a truly flexible work environment and can fill the characteristics below while answering daily customer service inquires all while learning about new things like Longhorn Sales, Whitetail Breeding, Working Horses and more, then read on, this may just be the job that you’ve been looking for!

Characteristics of Successful Candidate

  • You are highly organized to the point that un-organization kind of annoys you
  • You are self-motivated
  • You are able to keep projects on task effectively and within budget from start to finish and go the extra step to double check all tasks are completed and everyone is happy
  • You are able to efficiently manage staff related to meeting deadlines and keeping clients happy
  • You are polite
  • You are patient
  • You are resourceful
  • You are a quick learner
  • You are detail oriented, and consistently follow through
  • You have a sense of humor
  • You are comfortable working independently
  • You like the bar set high


  • You have an agricultural, cattle or hunting related background
  • You understand the importance of websites, social media and SEO in today’s marketing realm
  • You have managed staff or projects in the past
  • You have previous customer service experience
  • You have a flexible work schedule and are open to non-traditional work-week approaches including the flexibility to occasionally work from home.

Position: Full Time

Think you’re interested?

Follow the steps below for our Be A Hired Hand for Hired Hand Employment Contest:

Tired of the same old interview process? Sending in resume after resume, going to interview after interview, reading the same job description after job description? So are we!

  1. Email a general 30 second video about yourself to by Noon on Friday, January 2nd. via a link from YouTube.
  2. Along with the video link, email a non-traditional cover letter listing the top 10 reasons why we should consider you for this position along with your professional resume to: no later than Noon on Friday, January 2nd..
  3. Wait for our phone call regarding our non-traditional interview contest which will include a variety of tasks and events not for the faint of heart. If you’re selected you’ll be instructed on date, time, meeting place, duration and proper attire. Good luck!