"I'm impressed!"
Red McCombs

Hired Hand Works, It's Affordable, Always Accessible, Adaptable, Attractive and All-Around Awesome!-
John Helm

First off, the administration side of the site is very user friendly which makes updating your site a breeze. The HH team is very helpful any time we have questions. Thank you Hired Hand!
Jordan Howell

My thanks to Brittney, Jaymie, and Molly. They are first class all the way. You will not find a easier website to build and update in this industry. Literally you can take pics of all your bucks in the afternoon and update on your website within minutes, and do it all yourself even if you have no computer skills. This is a very well thought out website design and a great group of folks to work with.
Bill Holdman

A price cannot be placed on the value of exposure provided by my Hired Hand website. The outstanding service and professionalism offered by Molly and Jaymie is unmatched. They have literally put my cattle breeding program on the map and I will be forever grateful.
Nancy Dunn

Bahia Game Ranch likes Hired Hand Software because it is so easy to use, very helpful in our business and the staff is so friendly. We love Hired Hand as our website coordinator!!
Margo Teegardin

"I love Hired Hand! Best of the best!"
Janet Gleason

Molly and ​Jaymie are beyond excellent to work with and easy to get things done. The amount of traffic I am getting is amazing. The feedback and tools they provide are that of a service TEN times what I am paying. The value vs results are unmatched in anything I have seen. Top shelf.
Mike Wood

"Get a Hired Hand Website!"
Brock Murphy

"One word…Awesome."
Brian Brett

We are truly impressed with Hired Hand! They are in the process of developing BVW website and have done many advertisements and email blasts for us. Highly recommended Hired Hand
Jolene Courtney

"If you raise animals where the pedigree, offspring and on-line promotion is valued, not having a Hired Hand powered website is like being a step behind."
Nate Schumpert

"Basically about my Hired Hand website - I LOVE IT!!!"
Kathy Kittler

"If you raise Texas Longhorns, it should be required that you have a Hired Hand Website. It's an amazing product"
Tom Miller

For the last 5 years, Blue Creek Whitetails has depended on Hired Hand Software for our website and marketing. It’s easy to navigate and the traffic we have is unbelievable. Molly Clubb, Jaymie Feldmann, Brittney Renee Klein are truly the best people to work with and ALWAYS available and extremely helpful. I couldn’t imagine using any other software and advertising company for Blue Creek Whitetails. HHS is simply the best.
Holly Korenek

"Absolutely the best thing you can do for yourself and your herd."
Roger Witham

"I am VERY IMPRESSED in how the website turned out. This is the first time that something like this has been done 100% right, and I don't say that often! My site is 200% better than it was before. If someone doesn't like what you guys have to offer, they're nuts!"
Jim Hix 

"I just wanted to thank you again for what you do. I am so happy with our website. I am selling cattle every month. This month I sold four and the month is not over yet. All of my customers have shopped our site. I get so many complements on the site.  I just wanted to tell you that I'm so glad that I have my site and that I got it from Hired Hand. Best investment I have ever made for our business."
David, Janet, Mike and Morgan Harcrow

Great people to work with. Never get flustered when the deadlines on and we need to get things done! Highly recommended
Frank Frackovec

To future Hired Hands customers: We are fortunate enough to run our website, with Hired Hand Software. Being of the “computer” generation, I’ve spent plenty of hours browsing and comparing all kinds of websites. It seems the only people who truly understand how to design and update a personal site are computer programmers. There are plenty of IT people out there however, most of us in the Texas Longhorn industry do not exist in this segment. This obviously makes it harder for us to harness this technology for the marketing and advertising of our herds. There are a few things that stood out about Hired Hand: 1. Training and Support - The ease of use is amazing. After an hour of training from Molly and her company I was up and flying with our website. They take out all the guess work; the page manager is so easy to understand. And, after more time spent adjusting and customizing my own pages, I finally had a site that was personalized for G&G Longhorns. I can easily update pages daily with up coming events, cattle, sales, etc. all in a matter of minutes instead of hours like other sites I’ve dealt with in the past. The support Hired Hand offers is great as well. Any questions I had were answered in a timely and understanding matter regardless how simple the question  2. We only have so much time and money. Traveling around from ranch and ranch is not very feasible in many situations. The access to a ranch’s personal site makes anyone’s herd available to everyone world wide at any hour of the day.  3. Another plus is the pedigree bank that Hired Hand is building up daily. This feature is comforting because it adds that much more truth to your animals. That comfort adds value! Hired Hand Software and the website craze that they are creating is going to be the standard in the Longhorn business shortly!"
Bear Davidson

"All good! Molly will bend over backwards for you."
Tony Mangold

"It's the one thing we won't do without! They are GREAT to work with!"
Joe Raimo

"We have had our Hired Hand website for several years and it is the best advertising and management tool available. If you are going to raise and market your Longhorns (or other breeds), Hired Hand is a must have. Molly and Jaymie will walk you through the process of developing a great website and always be there to assist as required with managing in your website and many other things associated with marketing your cattle. We extend our sincere thank you for making the whole process enjoyable. We will recommend your company (already have) when ever the opportunity comes around. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Bill Doolittle

"You may find something cheaper, but you will lose quality and connect ability to the main flow of your breeding world."
Jerry Loveday

"Hired Hand is great. Molly & Jaymie are always very helpful."
Lane Craft

"Hired Hand is the best. You can't beat their know-how. They will do why you want and help you in every way. They are the best any way you look at it and we are proud to have them do our website. They rock!!"
Nelson Hearn

"There is no other service that can compare. You put in an animal and get a full pedigree with photos and links already built to all other related animals…that should be a absolute requirement for you and your breeding program. And that feature simply doesn't exist anywhere else. Some breeders are stubborn and resist for a while…but in the end, Hired Hand is the best answer for your website."
David Mills

“Hired Hand made the transition from our first website to this one very smooth. Their personnel are readily available, knowledgeable and want you to be satisfied. The data base makes it much easier than our old site to add/drop/manage animals. Thanks for a job well done."
Frank Hevrdejs

Many thanks go to Molly and Jaymie for making our website possible and demonstrating what good things can happen when caring folks get together to share their talents and resources. We like in Pennsylvania and have no idea how we managed before our Hired Hand website. It pays for itself plus much more."
Shawn Pequignot

"Hired Hand Software's Animal Marketing System will revolutionize the way that breeders can market their cattle on the internet."
Roger Hutton

"Your system follows logic which makes it easy to use for everyone."
Lee Blackwell 

"We would like to thank you and all your staff, for exceptional work and customer service. Your attention to detail and quick response in appreciated. We are very proud of our new website. Everything we asked was accomplished and after only one week, we have received many compliments. We will recommend Hired Hand. Great for longhorn breeders, large and small. Many Thanks to you and your staff."
Kevin & Teresa Chancellor

"Thanks to Molly, Jaymie and "Hired Hand Software" the Lazy A Ranch and our Longhorns are being marketed 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our new Lazy A web site has surpassed our expectations, and is a cost effective way to promote our breeding program."
Steve and Rene' Azinger 

"Hired Hand is very easy to use, even for someone who is not computer savy like myself."
Bernard Lankford 

"Thank y'all so much! Its been awesome working with you and I am beyond impressed with it! Again, thank you so much!"
Chase Vasut

"Hired Hand Software makes on-line animal marketing a breeze! I had no idea how to create a website before signing on with Hired Hand...but with a few clicks, I now have a website that I can easily navigate and update without a hitch! I am so thankful for Molly and her fine staff who have tirelessly answered my questions to market my longhorn herd. My site always get positive feedback and is really quite fun to maintain. Thanks, Molly and friends, for creating a product that we can all enjoy!"
Stacey Schumacher

"With all sincerity it was a real pleasure to work with you (Molly) & Jaymie. We have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending Hired Hand Software for those who need websites built! Molly’s creative talent in design is super. Thanks, Jaymie for all your hard work and answering everything & assisting in getting us live.  You both were great to work with."
Doug & Sandy Stotts

Hired Hand Software has made it extremely easy to research animals pedigrees , measurements , awards , and progeny . When I am looking to purchase an animal out off a specific family I can find several to choose from and have a the information and photos at the click of a button . Not to mention all of the calls I have received of people looking for cattle since I have started using there site.
Johnny Hicks

I'm a small breeder nestled in the foothills of east Tennessee, but my small herd is a quality herd. Hired Hand Software has made it possible for me to showcase my animals nationally. Where else can a breeder with 25 brood cows reach buyers in Oregon, Oklahoma, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Kentucky? In 2015 I sold 8 of my young stock and a young cow to buyers in these states. The girls at Hired Hand have helped me along the way and guided me to profits I could only dream of. Outside the investment in my brood stock, the investment in my website to Hired Hand is next.
Jerry Loveday

Hands on and continuous personal site maintenance with exceptional customer service. Couldn't be happier. Don't choose poorly somewhere else!!
Brett Krause

The value is there. You get more than what you would ever expect.
Fred Bryant

Hired Hand is the best deal to be found. Plus you get to work with Molly and Jaymie!
Tom Billingsley

The consistent look of each animals page along with the ease of "managing animals" is like no other company!
Lin Torgerson

YOU can update your site multiple times a day. You don't have to sit around and wait on some guru to do it for you and then they get it wrong.
Janet Eppard

Number 1 reason, it is easy to use, even I can use it. Number 2, makes tracking cattle simple. Number 3, most of all, it sells cattle. Great job Hired Hand!
Dale Eppard